The school block

The volunteers engaged in the actual work of constructing a four classroom block for the CSH Ssese project. Read more

Gifts to the needy

This young girl puts on her first ever pair of shoe Read more

Enjoy Budget Volunteer Tours

A three days trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park revealed the other side of Uganda to the volunteers at a very affordable cost Read more

Community Safe Water Project

These are the community members who are beneficiaries of this well Read more

School structure for Budaada Primary School

The schools that were available were too expensive and too far a distance for the children to be able to attend. Read more

Aged Support Projects

There is no tangible support for the elderly in the community Read more

Addressing child labour

Many children are used as a source of cheap labour in our communities, they are abused by the type of work they do. Which on very many occassion are very Read more

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Project List



CSH COASTER BUS                     On behalf of Children’s Sure House in Uganda, I am glad to inform you that the “Bus Project” which you partially funded was finally realized.

CSH - Kiwangala

CSH - Kiwangala

                    Sure House academy is a pioneer school project located in Kiwangala Masaka Bukoto sub-county. Initiated by Moses Kiwala and Martin Mpanga (who are long time school friend) in January 1993,...

CSH - Kazinga Channel

CSH - Kazinga Channel

The kazinga Channel in Uganda is a wide, 32km long natural channel that links Lake Edward and Lake George, and a dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park kasese District....

CSH - Ssese Island

CSH - Ssese Island

A group of 17 volunteers from Treasure vally Church of Christ in Boise Idaho USA blessed our Chidren's Sure House project in Ssese Island, Maboga Village, Kalangala district when they...

What you can do

CSH - Supported Projects

Community Safe Water Project

Bulenga village lies in Wakiso District, 7 miles from the capital city of Uganda Kampala, along Mityana road southwest...

Ssese First Volunteers from Idaho

The much anticipated volunteers of Children Sure House who came to build a school in Maboga Village, Ssese islands,...

Budaada Project - Kayunga

CSH Budaada Project The Budaada project was started in 2009 by Martin Mpanga, the Director of Children’s Sure House, and a...

Ttula Project

Ttula is located on the outskirts of Kampala the capital of Uganda in kawempe division Kampala District about 8 km from Kampala. The area can be...