Bulenga village lies in Wakiso District, 7 miles from the capital city of Uganda Kampala, along Mityana road southwest of the city.

Laying on the Rubigi swamp, Bulenga village has earned an urban status since the capital city of Uganda “Kampala” is slowly developing into a cosmopolitan city with less infrastructural development.

Although the government is slowly engaging in spreading running water in many areas, this initiative is benefiting the elite working class of people who are home owners. The poor people are confined in slams with no running water in their houses. They can only fetch free water from the nearby Rubigi swamp which is the breeding ground for mosquitoes, hence the spread of malaria parasites.




CSH-COMMUNITY SAFE DRINKING WATER PROJECT is targeting those poor members of the community like grandmothers who send their grandchildren (orphans in our CSH schools) to the well to fetch water for domestic use in their homes.


Given the fact that boiling water on fire wood is expensive and cumbersome, many families end up using this water without boiling it, hence the consumption of infected water that culminate in sicknesses.


Some of these orphans walk a 3-5kilometer distance from the swamp where they get water to their homes. They normally fetch this water in the afternoon after a long day of school activities. Kids from poor families struggle to compete favorably with kids from the working class parents or with kids in boarding school and yet they all sit the same national examinations.


It is against these facts that Children’s Sure House request for your intervention to support us in digging a well within the community of Bulenga to enable our community beneficiaries access clean drinking water in their community without subjecting the kids towards the had labor of walking many kilometers to the swamp to carry a 20 litter container of water and the spread of diseases.


Children’s Sure House hereby request you to donate funds towards the construction of this well to enable kids access clean drinking water in their community which is not contaminated with Malaria parasites and not far from their homes.


In a dry season, most of the swamps dry out and the community remain at the mercy of spring well which are normally shared between animal and people. This brings another challenge of animal diseases being passed on to humans.


A modern well does not dry up during a rainy season. It is dug down to the water table and constructed from below with stones. A submerged water pump is dipped dawn into the water which pumps the water into the big tanks as shown in the diagram attached. These tanks can be filled once every week to enable a constant flow of water in the community all the seasons. A small standby generator is needed to avoid the electric power fluctuation which is so rampant in all parts of Uganda.



This project is aimed at providing easily attained safe drinking water to 200 families in Bulenga village Wakiso District.


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