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CSH Budaada Project

The Budaada project was started in 2009 by Martin Mpanga, the Director of Children’s Sure House, and a very concerned community member, Paul Lubega. Many children in the village were missing the opportunity of attaining education because there was no school in the area.



The schools that were available were too expensive and too far a distance for the children to be able to attend. The project started with temporary outdoor structures constructed to provide classrooms/shelter for the children on land that was donated by a community member. The school has improved from their two wooden outdoor structures to a brick 4 classroom block structure. We have many goals for Budaada Primary School to meet: finishing the current construction needed, adding more classroom blocks, feeding the children throughout the school day, paying the teachers and providing shelters for them. Currently, CSH Budaada Project offers free basic education to the less fortunate village children under the community based organization statute.


The school currently has 150 children attending classes running up to the fifth primary level. Budaada Project is lacking many scholastic materials and furniture for high number of students now attending the school. Due to the absence of a roof on their classroom block, many classes are held outside under the shade of a tree. Those who teach at the school are merely volunteers receiving no pay because of our lack of funds. Our hope in the future is to see CSH Budaada Project not only completed in construction but thriving with teachers and children possibly up to the secondary level.

Get involved

Children’s Sure House appeals to volunteers to raise funds and come help the further development of our Budaada Project. Currently, the greatest need is to roof our structure so that the children can learn inside of the building. We invite you to come and help inspire the community so that all the children in Budaada village will come to school and so members of the community will see the importance of education and begin to get involved.



  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Daily Activities


CSH Budaada Academy.

The project was started in 2009 by Martin Mpanga and Paul Lubega. This was a result of a radio talk show which I had on Radio One (87.9) concerning social development in Uganda. Paul Lubega a concerned community member was listening to the 3 O’clock evening talk show when he had me giving my mobile telephone number on air and decided to call me in 2007. His patience paid when I finally visited his community and noticed that there was a very big need of starting a nursery and a primary school in Budaada village kayunga. Many children were missing the opportunity of attaining the education just because there was no school in the nearby neighborhood. Land was donated by a community member called Naalongo where temporary structures were constructed to provide classrooms/ shelter for the pioneer orphans who are right now attaining free basic education from CSH Budaada Project. Budaada project is one of the projects initiated by CSH to offer free basic Education under the community based organization statute.


The school currently has 140 children who are attaining free education with classes running from Nursery to Primary Four (4). There is great need for classrooms, furniture and scholarstic materials because children are having classes under the tree, others from a small classroom made out of wood and papyrus. The children don't have chairs and desks to sit on so they end up using the floor that is not even cemented and some have to carry bricks to sit on. The teachers themselves don't have staffrooms where they can do there work from and whenever it rains the situation worsens at the school and the photos below can clearly show what is exactly happening.

Community Development.

Through the CSH adult literacy program, CSH is aiming at sensitising people about the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has been one of the great factors for the ever increasing number of orphans in the area as well as absolute poverty among the people of Budaada Village. This involves sensitising people on how to live with children infected with the virus that they can still have a bright future especially through education, sensitistion about mother to child prevention especially during birth and other programs of CSH are yet to be initiated like constructing houses for the orphans.

Appeal to Volunteers.

CSH appeals to Volunteers from all corners of the world to signup for this project as it needs alot of support to save the children of this world more so the problem of illiteracy and ignorance that have been the sole cause for poverty in Uganda and the world.

CSH Budaada Project photo Gallery.

Children/Orphans with the director Paul Lubega at the School campus.




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