Ttula is located on the outskirts of Kampala the capital of Uganda in kawempe division Kampala District about 8 km from Kampala. The area can be characterized by slums and low standards of living with a big number of orphans due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has claimed most of the people’s lives and not forgetting the problems associated with slums like prostitution.


Ttula Happy Times.

The fact that there is quite a big number of orphans in this area, most of the children cannot afford education and most of the schools available are too expensive given the conditions that people are living in. As a result, most of the youth and children have resorted to acts of drug abuse, theft and others flooding the streets at a tender age. Martin Mpanga the Director of Children’s sure House together with Mr. Wagaba Peter the Director of Happy times school came up with this project to help the children acquire free basic education and technical skills that can in future help them be responsible and self reliant citizens.


It is so interesting to mention that Ttula happy times has grown up to Primary Seven. Last year 2010 the school successfully registered seven children for the National Primary leaving Examinations and this year 2011 eleven children have been registered for the same exercise.

Special thanks to the LIVINGSTONE who have really helped us in building the project starting from the five classroom block they started in 2008, however, we still need much support in roofing the block, plastering, flooring as well as shutting it (windows and doors). The school is also in great need for scholastic materials, furniture and support in feeding the children.



This photo shows how we feed our children with the technical skills of welding and this project has enabled us raise funds to support the school through the process of selling the welding products to people (doors, gates windows e.t.c).






This is a five classroom block started by the Dutch volunteers of LIVINGSTONE in 2008 however, much support is needed in roofing the building, flooring, plastering and shutting it as well as equipping it with modern furniture.





Primary five class occupying one of the classes that are not roofed meaning we are using a temporary shelter to create a classroom and whenever it rains classes have to stop for a while.







Children entertaining visitors and parents at the annual speech and sports day at the school as the press is filming the ceremony and its done to build the talents of the children.






Appeal to Volunteers.

Much support is still needed to complete the building, feeding the children, paying teachers, furniture and other needs therefore CSH appeals to all volunteers from all corners of this world to sign up for this project as we struggle to build a better world and the nation at large.

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Ttula is located on the outskirts of Kampala the capital of Uganda in kawempe division Kampala District about 8 km from Kampala. The area can be...